Historical Lindsay Golf Medal on BBC Antiques Roadshow

Historical Lindsay Golf Medal on BBC Antiques Roadshow

On the BBC’s latest Antiques Roadshow, set in St Andrews University, Scotland, some fascinating golf medals turned up. One of these was the Lindsay Medal, one of the earliest golf medals ever awarded.  In 1830, David A Lindsay, a local gentleman Landowner, and member of the 7th oldest Golf Club in the world, Crail Golfing Society wanted to present a medal for golfers. It was first played for in 1831 and awarded to the winner of an Open stroke play competition. The Medal has added plates with winners names engraved including Allan Robertson in 1855, the world’s first Professional Golf player.

On the programme and astonishing value was given, for insurance purposes, of £15,000 – £18,000!

However the club is unlikely to ever sell their own medal.

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