Personalising for Customers Events

Personalising for Customers Events

 Conference Centres of Excellence Awards 2013  Pictured are the awards we supplied for the Conference Centres of Excellence Awards 2013, held on 19th July at imago, Burleigh Court, Leicestershire. These are an excellent example of the traditional sand-blasting technique for glass awards. Sand blasting is used as a way of glass etching, a centuries old method of imprinting images on glass. It gives a crisp, sharp and consistent finish to images and wording – no blurring of the lines! Here at Robert Chapman Presentations we have been sand blasting for 25 years which gives us the experience and expertise needed to supply high quality glass gifts and awards. If you’re interested in something similar for your event, we have many trophies, gifts and awards that might be of interest – view the part of the collection here.


 Another idea for personalising your own Awards – have your own logo or image on domed centres – to use on your Corporate Awards or Club Trophies. Your logo or image is scanned, printed out and put through our special printer to prepare the sheet for incubating and doming with resin. With care, patience and skill the centres are ready after several days to use to personalise trophies and awards.

 If you are interested in this service we ask for a minimum order of a sheet of 48 centres at 60p a centre and we can store these ready for your ongoing orders. Here are a few of our customers domes for you to see the excellent quality of our production. For more details call Steve on 0121 354 1019.

Domed CentresCricket Club domed centreDomed Centre on School Award      

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