How to Recognise Employees and Colleagues with Personalised Trophies and Awards

How to Recognise Employees and Colleagues with Personalised Trophies and Awards

Which companies or organisations recognise their employees with personalised awards that match the excellence of their performance or achievement?

At a recent Civic Awards ceremony, great enthusiasm and anticipation filled the events room, with nominees and special guests congregating, dressed up smartly awaiting the ‘results’. An important event for people who have given more than most for the benefit of the community, no one could be in doubt of the hugely positive effect of receiving an engraved award.

Solid silver cups, huge trophies and heavy medals are given as elite sporting awards, but what would be suitable for rewarding staff for their hard work, long service or special achievements?

The range of options is extensive – Optical crystal glass beautifully engraved, unusually shaped flat glass plaques, personalised desktop gifts, engraved anniversary clock, resin star awards, a gold achievement award. Making the choice can be a difficult decision – personal, subjective and tricky. In addition there is the important task of compiling the appropriate, unique wording and images for the engraving. This is where the experience of a local Awards and Trophy Engraving business can help enormously. Robert Chapman Presentations have been in the sector for 25 years and many of our customers have been returning to them for the majority of that time. Steve Chapman, Operations Manager, will spend the time discussing the different options to fit the needs of his customers. Steve says, “I like to provide the ideal solution for my customer’s presentation requirements.”

This service can be an add-on for the company, an extra ‘department’ for delivering employee recognition awards. For instance, some McDonald’s present quarterly awards for their staff, which are engraved glass awards, personalised for those successful individuals. The effect of having your own name beautifully engraved on the glass award – it’s unique, it’s yours, no one else’s – more impressive and more rewarding, than a blank plate or generic engraving for anyone who wins – it’s your name in ‘lights’ for all to see – to get the praise from colleagues, co-workers, managers, for posterity, to keep for the future, to add to one’s memories, to ‘show off’ to others, a success witnessed by peers and even a key moment to record on a CV. It can be a life-changing experience, a boost to confidence and self-esteem, the rewards of which can be immeasurable. Most customers of Robert Chapman Presentations comment on the invaluable benefit to their employees, members, family and friends of picking up a personalised engraved special award or gift.


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