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Our many years of experience enable us to provide the best advice – from the most suitable Trophy, Award, Plaque, Cup or Medal for you to the best wording for engraving  – suggestions and ideas which will look and sound right for your occasion.

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Wedding Wording

Father (Mother etc) of the Bride (Groom etc)
Thank you for being
an Amazing Dad (Mum etc) xxx

Best Man (Usher etc)
(Names) Wedding

Thank you
Best Man (Usher etc) for a Day
Friend for Life

Thank you for all
your support on our
Special Day!

To (Name)
(Names) Wedding

To commemorate
The Occasion of
Your Wedding

Engraving Basics

The engraving for almost all awards gives you some very specific details. These include:

  • Who is getting the award
  • Who is giving the award
  • Why the person is getting the award
  • Date or timeline

Try to cover this information and you should be set for all types of awards.


1. Sports Team Award

Sports trophies can follow a basic award template that includes the player’s name, the team name, the league name, and the year.

You can also include the player’s jersey number or position.

If it’s a special award, you can add the recognition. For example, you might include:

  • MVP
  • League Champion
  • Team Captain

You can also add a quote from the coach, but it’s best to keep it simple.


2. Sports Coach Award

In addition to your basic, name, team, league, date, go for something acknowledging a specific quality of the coach or a special thanks, like:

  • Thanks, Coach for inspiring us and challenging us
  • Thanks for making us better players
  • Thanks for showing us how to play hard and have fun too

The message should be from the players.


3. Award for Excellence

Include the basics plus a specific acknowledgement of the excellent achievement, like:

  • Award for Outstanding Achievement in _______
  • Award of Excellence in ________ Presented to _______
  • Outstanding Achievement Award

Give the award a name and keep it simple.


4. Thank You

In addition to the basics, engrave a few kind words of appreciation, like:

  • Thank you for all you’ve done for us
  • Thank you for making this year a success
  • Thank you for going above and beyond

Try to add in the specifics of what you’re thanking them for.


5. Award for a Specific Job Well Done

Once again, include the basics and then state the job, like:

  • Outstanding Sales Performance Award
  • Top Sales of the Year Award
  • Manager of the Year Award

You can also include more specific details, like the location or territory. For example, you could say: For sales performance in (territory).


6. Leadership Award

This is another award where you can give the award a title, like:

  • Outstanding Leadership Award
  • Award of Excellence in Leadership
  • For your guidance and leadership

Be sure to include the name of the company, university, or other organization or institution where the excellent leadership skills took place.


7. Employee Acknowledgement

This is similar to the job award but is broader. Include the company name and a title and/or additional acknowledgement, like:

  • Employee of the Year Award
  • For going above and beyond
  • In appreciation for all you do

You can also add something fun, like: employees are our shining stars or employees are our top asset.


8. Gratitude to a Sponsor

This one is like the Queen’s award. You might try something like:

  • With great appreciation for your generous sponsorship
  • For your kind and generous donation
  • Thank you for your generosity and inspiration

You can also add a quote or fun quip.


9. Acknowledgement of Service

To the basics, add a title and/or kind words, like:

  • Outstanding Service Award
  • For your years of dedication and service
  • In recognition of your distinguished service and devotion

Be sure to include the time frame and institution or organization.


10. Bespoke Award

Create your own type of award and use your own unique text. First, come up with the award and then personalize the text.

Bespoke means it’s something special, so have fun with it!


The Perfect Trophy Engraving for Your Award

Now that you have some great ideas for your trophy engraving, you’re ready to pick the best one for your award and personalize it. Did any of these fit just right for your special award or awards? If so, you’re set.

Your next step is to pick the ideal award or to get the engraving done if you already know what you want. We have a host of standard awards and trophies as well as bespoke awards if you have a special idea in mind.

Please give us a ring either way. We’re here to answer questions and help you find or make the perfect award to express your special honour. We can also work with you to personalize the engraving if you’re not quite there yet.