Hello and welcome to our outstanding collection of Bowls and Vases. And because you may be in need of a little inspiration this collection of is just for you.

Now, you may be the person who tries for perfection or at least do your very best, we too are the same. So we can promise you, we will try our very best to please and make you happy with your purchase. We will try to give you the perfect service as a reward for placing your faith in us.

The recipient of one of these Bowls and Vases will treasure it for many years to come. However the range does offer a choice of modern and classic types. A personalised Bowl or Vase will be perfect for Weddings, Anniversaries, Retirements or for any special event or occasion. And to make it really special, we will engrave a logo, crest or wording into the item to create a treasured gift.

  • High Quality Bowls and Vases
  • Personalised Glass Vases UK
  • Large Flower Vases
  • Engraved Glass Bowls UK
  • Artwork proof will be emailed to you before engraving
  • If you require help phone 0121 354 1019 for a little chat
  • If you want you can email your order to r.chapman3@btconnect.com and we confirm your order details
  • Engraved Vases for Retirement
  • Engraved Vases for Weddings