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Two Tone Sports Day Medal from



Two Tone Sports Day Medal

Available in Gold, Silver & Bronze – With or without engraving

MV32G             Gold       50mm          £1.49

MV32S             Silver      50mm          £1.49

MV32BZ          Bronze    50mm          £1.49

MV32GE           Gold       50mm         £2.99       –     With Engraving

MV32SE           Silver      50mm         £2.99       –     With Engraving

MV32BZE        Bronze    50mm         £2.99       –     With Engraving

This Modern Two Tone Sports Day medal can be with or without engraving. If you choose engraving your required wording will be on the reverse.  For Ribbons look here (+60p each). If you are after a different colour then please call Steve on 0121 354 1019.

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