Who will win BBC Sports Personality of the Year Award?

Who will win BBC Sports Personality of the Year Award?

The year 2012 will surely go down as the most exciting for the country for many reasons! The sports ‘arena’ has been thrilling, with many successes for the nation to celebrate. Who will all the cyclists and the fans of cycling choose to vote for or will they vote for all of their heroes? Victoria, Sir Chris, Bradley, Laura, Mark and Jason could all be on an award shortlist.

What about the athletic world? Jess Ennis is flying the flag for women in the sports world, but what about Golden Greg and the fantastic story of Mo? Again the rowers have made headlines with Katherine finally reaching her lifetime golden goal with her talented partner Anna. There’s also the excitement of the Tennis World. Andy Murray has broken through into the upper tier of Men’s tennis and the British women Heather and Laura have made huge strides in the world rankings.

Golf always thrills the sports fans, especially Ryder Cup success! Brits are on top in the world men’s rankings, keeping Tiger at bay! Other names to mention – sailor Ben, boxer Nicola, triathletes Alistair and Jonny, Taekwondo’s Jade, diver Tom, gymnasts Beth and now dancer Louis, the list goes on and on and on! There were Olympic medallists so many sports.

When the sports year couldn’t get any more exciting we had the joy and tears of the Paralympics – Ellie, Sarah, David and Jonnie to name just a few of the heroic Golden medallists. Could youngsters have any more inspiration?

Could we have two awards to cover the Olympics and Paralympics separately from the rest of the sports to ensure the ‘legacy’ and inspiration continues for our youngsters? The Director of BBC Sport Barbara Slater explained why this won’t be happening. They want to keep with tradition and prevent the devaluation the success of any award winner – presumably compared to previous and future winners.

For more information try – http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/sporteditors/2012/10/sports_personality_of_the_year.html

Of course it is Sports PERSONALITY of the Year which means so much more than just success in a particular sport – it is the story behind the winning that will put some sportspeople more in the frame than others.

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